WordCamp Orlando Canceled Due to Hurricane Matthew

Let me start this off by saying thank you to all our attendees, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and especially my fellow organizers. The last few days have been difficult, full of decisions that no other WordCamp has had to make until now.

The decision to cancel is now out of our hands. The Rosen UCF campus is under an order to remain closed through Sunday, so we are unable to go forward with our event.


Anyone who purchased a ticket is eligible for a full refund. Please fill out this Google Form to request your refund. We will be collecting refund requests through Friday, October 14th, after which they will go to WordCamp Central for processing. If you purchased your ticket more than 60 days ago, WordCamp Central will contact you to arrange your refund.

What’s next?

When we know what our next event plans are, we will email everyone who purchased tickets to WCORL 2016 (even if you got a refund). We are considering other options so the months of planning WCORL 2016 are not in vain.

If you want to use your ticket purchase toward our next event, you do not have to do anything. All non-refunded tickets after the refund period will automatically be carried over to our next event’s “guest list”.

Final Notes

Again, I thank you all for your patience. I want to remind everyone that the WordCamp Orlando organization team is made up of volunteers. As such, we ask that you abide by the Code of Conduct and treat us with respect. Believe us, no one is more upset about the cancellation than our team.

See you all in 2017 at least! (maybe sooner?)

Lisa Melegari
WordCamp Orlando 2016 Organizer

9 thoughts on “WordCamp Orlando Canceled Due to Hurricane Matthew”

  1. I completely understand, and appreciate the emails. Too bad we couldn’t do a virtual WC. Thanks to all the Organizers for putting together what I’m sure would have been a great WC.

  2. This event looked more exciting than the other wordcamps I’ve seen. Super bummed, but understand its out of their hands. Hopefully they can reschedule intead of moving it to next year. But everyone on the coast, stay safe!

  3. So sorry for your team, Lisa, as well as everybody who was looking forward to the event. I’m sure that when event organizers consider various risks, an October hurricane doesn’t usually make it to the list!

    1. Hi Andrea, you do not have to do anything to carry over your ticket. Not requesting a refund tells us you’re sticking with us until next time! Thanks for your support!

      – The WCORL Team

  4. Thanks for all the hard work! Even if the school hadn’t closed it probably would have needed to cancel anyway. The important thing is that everyone is safe!

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